The Manifesto of The Stuckist Photographers
Photography is different to painting

The stuckist photographer may also be an artist 
and an artist may also be a stuckist photographer 

Concepts with integrity are at the heart 
of the Stuckist photograph

There is more to an image than the image

The Stuckist Photographer develops vision and reality

We will strive for the new image, a way of seeing with honesty

Vision is beyond the two dimensional print

The Stuckist Photographer has depth, soul, heart, 
love and passion for the art of photography

Expressionism is the right of every Stuckist Photographer

No device, method, manipulation or technology is out of 
bounds to the Stuckist Photographer; we will continue to
work towards new methods of personal expression
Stuckism embraces all that it denounces. We only denounce 
that which stops at the starting point - Stuckism starts 
at the stopping point
' I know for my part I have no programme, only the 
inexplicable longing to grasp what i see and feel and to 
find for it the purest expression'

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, co-founder of Die Brucke art movement.

Larry Dunstan
Andy Bullock
London, December 2003

With thanks to (and guidance from) Charles Thomson, 
co-founder of the Stuckist Painters