Photographs of the Stuckist Photographer's show
at The Lady Lever Art Gallery
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These photographs are of the Stuckist Photographers show at
The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Liverpool.

The show forms part of the the 2004 Liverpool Biennial and comprises
work by all the Stuckist Photographers with the exception of Ella Guru -
Ella has just had a baby and this was one show too far. She is
however showing work in the Stuckist painters exhibition at The Walker.

Most of the work in the exhibition is also on this website under the
individual artists section.

The exceptions being some new images from Larry Dunstan, Charles
Thomson's exhaustively comprehensive 'My Stuckist World' and
the first showing anywhere of Andy Bullock's 'cubist photographic'
works 'Conversation Piece No.1' and 'Have a Nice Day'.

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Far wall - Larry Dunstan